University of Wisconsin–Madison DIGITAL SKILLS BOOTCAMP Launch Your New Career With Our
Cutting-Edge Bootcamp

At the University of Wisconsin–Madison, our Digital Skills Bootcamp provides you with all the tools you’ll need to successfully launch your exciting new career as an evolved professional in less than a year.


Put your cybersecurity career in the fast lane and quickly move from being a student to a working professional, with a curriculum built to provide you with the skill sets and experience you’ll need to flourish in your new career.
This non-credit professional program is offered by the UW-Madison College of Engineering's Office of Interdisciplinary Professional Programs.

Providing the
Competitive Career
Edge You Need to

Open The Door To
Professional Opportunities
Evolve Your Digital Skills Our Digital Skills Bootcamp prepares candidates by utilizing practical experiences, hands-on projects, and the most cutting-edge tools available to ensure that learners are ready to start their new career in under a year.

Launch A New Career With Your Future in Mind

Start the clock now and you could find yourself starting an exciting new career in the IT field in under a year! Power up what you know about technology and innovation with our in-depth, hands-on curriculum. Our training will surround you in an immersive real-world experience that will transition seamlessly into your new cybersecurity career.

Experiential Learning

University of Wisconsin–Madison instructors are seasoned professionals equipped with the knowledge, tools, and experience to provide you with a learning environment that is both immersive and interactive by emphasizing the use of creative strategies and project based assignments applicable to practical career success.

Introductory Course

Our Introductory Course gives you a glimpse into the projects and teaching styles that make up the Complete Program. This course helps you determine if you’re comfortable with both the program and the industry's demands and expectations prior to signing up for an entire bootcamp.

Digital Badges & Certifications

Earn valuable digital badges to demonstrate proficiency in specific subjects. Our bootcamp also helps to lay the foundation for learners who wish to take certification exams in the future.

Career Support

Our Career Outcomes team helps set you on a path for success by providing a strong foundation for your job searches, with personalized training in resume writing, LinkedIn optimization, networking, and tried and true interview techniques. You will also gain access to long-standing relationships forged by our team with local hiring partners that greatly help our learners find employment opportunities after program completion.*

Up-to-Date Curriculum

Establish serious connections with your instructors as you immerse yourself in your new career, coupled with a comprehensive curriculum tailored to cover even the most dynamic topics in your chosen industry.

Access To Hiring Partners

With access to a professional network forged by our Career Outcomes team with local hiring partners, your connections will expand exponentially with industry leaders in need of qualified candidates.

*Terms and conditions apply. Job or internship placement is not guaranteed.

The Five Steps
to Success



Choose a time that works best for you and one of our Admissions Advisors will connect with you at that scheduled time to discuss the educational and professional goals that are available for you.



A one-on-one meeting with one of our Senior Admissions Advisors will meet you either online or on the phone to discuss career expectations and the potential job opportunities available to you.


The Introductory

Our Introductory Course provides learners a chance to determine if the demands and expectations of the bootcamp and the industry match up with your schedules and specific career goals.



Our bootcamp experience is an accelerated program that takes learners on an immersive journey of their chosen field. Featuring virtual classes, and practical simulations of real-world tasks that are commonly faced by digital professionals. This non-credit professional program is offered by the UW-Madison College of Engineering's Office of Interdisciplinary Professional Programs.



Gain a competitive advantage as you enter the digital workforce with the personalized support of our Career Outcomes team. The team provides you with personalized training in resume writing, optimizing your LinkedIn, managing your online presence, networking, and connecting you to our hiring partners.

*Career Outcomes services are consultation-based only and do not guarantee job placement.

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