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The University of Wisconsin–Madison promotes learning, exploration, and discovery alongside a larger mission to help students share their knowledge with the world. The Digital Skills Bootcamp at University of Wisconsin–Madison offers each student a unique opportunity to learn in an experiential environment catered to passionate individuals with busy schedules. Students learn in-demand skills from leading industry professionals to ensure they exit the program with confidence they need to make an impact in their field.

We Have
Your Back

From your first call to program completion, your success is our number one priority. Our success managers will help ensure your advancement throughout the program, and our Career Outcomes team will do everything they can to help you find the right opportunities.*

*This is not a promise or guarantee for job placement.

Our Partnership
with ThriveDX

We believe that partnering with the best is the only way to ensure our students have the best opportunity for success and the ThriveDX accelerated program prepares our students for today's fast-paced digital economy. Having over a decade of experience and widely considered the world's premier digital skills and cybersecurity education provider, ThriveDX works with global enterprises, government organizations, and top-tier academic institutions to offer the most advanced workforce and professional development programs in the digital technology space.

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An Unmatched Set of Skills

Our Digital Skills Bootcamp is constantly evolving ensuring that our curriculum always stays fresh with regular updates to keep up with the current industry trends and the latest tools of the trade. Our bootcamp is comprehensive and covers almost every aspect of the industry so that our learners have a variety of career paths to choose from upon program completion. This professional development program does not bear academic credit.

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