Introductory Course

Start with an Introductory Course that gives you the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the cybersecurity industry. You’ll learn the primary elements by participating in real-world training exercises, along with one-on-one mentorship that will ultimately help you determine if the bootcamp aligns with your life and career goals.

Virtual learning

Our Digital Skills Bootcamp provides flexibility to fit into even the most hectic of schedules, all within the structure of an interactive virtual education environment. Get the skills that are most in-demand with our virtual classes, and interactive training sessions. You’ll work collaboratively in an online setting while developing the skills and experiences that will seamlessly carry over into real-world employment. Classes will include feedback from instructors, in-depth training exercises, and true-to-life tasks that mirror experiences and information you’ll need to excel throughout your career.

Comprehensive Career Support

Another benefit is the access to the support of our Career Outcomes team which provides professional career coaching and guidance to our learners. Aside from the insight and guidance the team provides you will also gain a number of advantages from industry connections to personalized interview training, assistance constructing your resume, best practices for your LinkedIn profile, and so much more. Our Career Outcomes team is here to serve as your bridge to world-class tech companies and help facilitate your ability to land a position in your new field.*

*Career support is consultation-based only and does not guarantee job placement.

Internship Search Assistance

To set off on a successful career path, it is important to establish real connections and collaborate with working industry professionals. Our program has a system in place to assist learners with personalized internship search assistance. We’ll schedule networking opportunities that will put you in direct contact with alumni, working professionals and the chance to create connections with our programs' official hiring partners.**

**Terms and conditions apply. Internship and job placement are not guaranteed.

Digital Skills Labs

An advantage our learners are provided is access to our innovative digital lab environment. Our digital labs are designed to immerse learners directly into real-world digital simulations, these simulations mimic real-world tasks that directly correlate to practical invaluable skills in each profession. Tasks are made to engage and to challenge key problem solving abilities that will result in professional success.

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